Open NEM - Australian Electricity Market data live

Open NEM - Australian Electricity Market data live

With multiple tools, we intend to support the national energy debate with facts.

Follow the supply and demand in the Australian Electricity Market with - which is a growing platform to promote open data to a wide range of stakeholders. An early product of our Energy Transition Hub, with support from the Energy Consumers Australia. A project by our Dylan McConnell, Simon Holmes à Court and Steven Tan. 

  • Dr Dylan McConnell is an energy systems research fellow at the University of Melbourne Climate & Energy College and researcher at the multi-institutional Energy Transition Hub. He has extensive...
  • Web tools and Projects we developed

    • Open-NEM

      The live tracker of the Australian electricity market.

    • Paris Equity Check

      This website is based on a Nature Climate Change study that compares Nationally Determined Contributions with equitable national emissions trajectories in line with the five categories of equity outlined by the IPCC.

    • liveMAGICC Climate Model

      Run one of the most popular reduced-complexity climate carbon cycle models online. Used by IPCC, UNEP GAP reports and numerous scientific publications.

    • NDC & INDC Factsheets

      Check out our analysis of all the post-2020 targets that countries announced under the Paris Agreement.